I imagine myself having a simple house with a workshop attached or perhaps a workshop with a house attached. I’ve been doing some work on my car and having my own garage would be super cool. I’ve also been inspired by youtube videos to give machining a try so by then I will likely machine stuff for fun by then. I hope to be able to make a lot of stuff myself for the sake of my own enjoyment and giving me something to do with my free time. I might even be able to sell off the stuff I make to generate some money for myself.

One of the results of this pandemic may be that progressive policies that I agree with may end up being implemented. At the very least, I think this pandemic could help increase support for a national health care system as no one deserves to go bankrupt for a medical emergency. Personally, something like that would result in me going to all the recommended checkups and screenings instead of worrying about the cost or not going because it’s going to do nothing for me besides give me or my family a bill. I also hope that a universal basic income of some kind will be implemented. I think this would greatly increase worker rights and give people more freedom with their lives. Also, it means the government will have less push back when it tells people to stop going to work as people will still have some money left to spend of bills and stuff even if they haven’t been saving money.

I think that social norms of distancing and physical contact will be different after this if the pandemic gets draw out. I think people will end up habituating staying away from each other and avoiding things like hand shaking and tightly packed crowds. I don’t think they will go away, more that people will think twice before doing it and thus do it less and some new kind of norm will be developed for when one might shake someone else’s hand. I think this crisis will also cause people to buy more stuff at once. Currently people are avoiding stores by buying more at once when they do go. If they do this for a long enough time, this will become normal and thus even in non pandemic times they might continue to do so. I think the length of time that Corona-19 is a severe issue will determine whether or not there will be a return to normalcy. Otherwise, the people of this time will likely pick up some social quirks.

The Cornoa virus emergency has shown that the environment can improve by simply reducing production and thus emissions. I think it might buy us a little more time before we reach a “point of no return” in terms of climate change.

Overall, the severity of this crisis is likely to cause some permanent changes but will still allow individuals, like myself, to go and create productive, satisfying lives.

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Iqmal Wolfenden

Iqmal is the Web Magazine Director. He is currently studying for his biochemistry and biophysics degree.

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