I awake to the sound of heavy rain pounding upon the window.

The city lights pulse outside my window. Another day. I arise and throw on a business casual outfit only truly waking after jarring my head with an electric toothbrush. “At least ill be able be able to catch some sleep in my self-driving car on the way to work” I think to myself. The first glimmer of dawn’s light peek through the stormy sky and mingle with the neon glow of the signs and lights outside my apartment. “Don’t forget your coat, I don’t want a tomato coming home” my fiancé calls from the bed. I grab my coat with basic lining and step out into the acid rain. I scamper into my car. “Head to work” I order and close my eyes for the drive. Advertisements sound through the thin windows of the vehicle, disrupting my sleep but Id be a hypocrite if it angered me, I work in design for these ads. The car stops in front of my office and the door opens towards the sidewalk. “Pick me up at 5” I mutter as I pull the zipper for my coat over my face. The door closes as I step out and the car and it speeds away to find a spot to park. “Remind me to visit a refueling station” I mumble to my phone. The car was equipped with solar panels but there hadn’t been sun in days and the florescent light that flooded the city wouldn’t be able to be used. As I step into the office I put on a bright face and greet my coworkers. Only a couple more months of this until I get to a position where I won’t have to live in this concrete vat of acid any longer. Ill be out of LA and into a management position where I can just work from home and conference every now and again from a more rural home. Drones would deliver all of our groceries and orders, there would be practically no reason to have to live in the city other than a bit more of a commute to travel to see family or friends. No more constant planning around weather and there would be sun every day. The only reason I had come to the city in the first place was for work. I walk to the vending machine to purchase my breakfast. Cash and cards have been replaced by electronic transactions for years. I select my meal and my phone pings to let me know the transaction has been completed. The dehydrated eggs and bacon fall from the chute and are steamed until they reach an appetizing hue and texture. After eating my meal, I trash the packaging and head to my cubical to work. I sit down at the computer and begin to create graphics for advertising. Although I enjoy my work, I cannot help but feel guilty for the light and noise pollution that I create in the city.

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