It’s hard to imagine my life in ten years

because I am currently at a stage where so much is undecided. As of right now I don’t know who I will marry, what career paths I will follow, which friends will stay in touch with me. What is certain about my future life is that there will be change. I will hopefully no longer be a student. I’m guessing this won’t feel as good as I fantasize but, I have been a student my whole life and as of right now I truly can’t picture life without school. I am also hopeful that is ten years I will be done taking hand outs from my parents. They currently pay half of my rent because I go to school full-time and work part-time. In ten years I think I will be financially stable.

I believe that in the near future the world around me will change in many ways. I defiantly won’t be surrounded by the same social group due to the fact that I’m I college currently. I think that a lot more daily activities such as paying for your coffee will be done electronically. I believe there will be more jobs that are done online due to my generations love of technology. Also as I grow older I will start to care more about the world around me so I think the world could seem a bit more stressful for me in a couple years.

On the other hand I do think there is a lot that will stay the same. I think the earth’s health will still be in danger. Although I think that there will be more rules in place to help this issue. I believe the same currency will be in use in the United States.

Where I see the biggest changes coming is in technology. I know that there will be a lot of change in technology because it is evolving everyday. I think there will be lots of new healthcare technology, resulting in much better health of the average person (at least in developed countries). I bet videogames will get crazy realistic. Possibly even so realistic/fun that they can cause serious addiction. Maybe in the future there will even be a videogame rehab center. I could see facetime calls turning into real time holographs of whoever you are talking to. On the unforchanet side it makes a lot of sense to me that many human jobs will be replaced with robots/machines. Maybe that replacement of human will allow us to put our awesome human brains to work on some other industry. The last part of technology I want to touch on is cable television. There is no way cable television will still be around in ten years due to unbeatable steaming services such as Netfilx or Hulu.

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