The future is unwritten.

Plans changes, life happens, and the world never stops for any of it. With the pandemic going on, for example, people’s daily routines have changed but the world never stopped for anyone to adjust. I guess that’s why they say life can change in the blink of an eye. We never know what will come up or and when we will have to learn to readapt to this change. This is why goals are important because it’s the bumps and twists in the road that we face. It’s the obstacles that we had to overcome to reach them that make them so important and worth so much meaning. I believe that’s why scholarships and hiring committees ask what goals you have and what obstacles you have faced in your life. How you can face the tough times is what builds character and makes you who you are.
As we are going thought this pandemic it is shaping us and showing how we all handle tough times.

It is building our characters.

I know it’s a scary time for many people, but I feel like now is the most important time to look at the glass half full. We are changing and adapting to new lifestyles. The earth is also changing and adapting. Through this awful time, we are seeing the earth healing. The waters and air are becoming clearer. Animals are returning to places they had left. COVID-19 has brought so much change but it hasn’t all been awful. I don’t believe the world is black and white I believe you can find good in the tough times. Sometimes, just take from a different angle to find it.
In ten years, I imagine I’ll have children and a husband.

I’ll have a hard work ethic along with an outgoing personality. Drinking coffee and planning new art ideas in my free time will be the highlights of my week. My house will be a log cabin in the forest close to a mountain and a lake. I will snowboard in the winter every chance I get. When my children are old enough, I will teach them to snowboard or ski if that’s what they wish instead. I will be a web designer. My job will allow me to work from home so I will be able to spend time with my children.
The technology also will change.

It will become better and we depend on it a lot more. With everyone staying home depending on social media to connect with the world it became an important essence. Most schools will rely on online teaching because it will lower costs in the long run. Having online schools will also prepare schools for anything other pandemic or natural disasters that might occur causing them to close their doors. Students will adapt and enjoy working on schoolwork in the comfort of their homes. It will become a norm that people will see more benefits than being in person when it isn’t necessary.

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