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With this pandemic going on right now, going through social media looking at different posts saying that nature is taking over again I can imagine nature taking over big cities, and hopefully after all this quarantine stuff is over we are gonna react and realize that we should be more careful with it.

A good example for this would be Mexico City, back in the day birds had to go away from the city due to air pollution, now you can go for a walk in the morning and you can listen to their singing. Also, Europe is being taken over by animals too. In Switzerland deers are crossing the highways and different roads due to no traffic. I think there is gonna be one point, (and also watching different research videos), where 40-60% of global population will unfortunately going to die for this virus which is sad. But on the other hand, we can start getting along with nature, planting trees, start a harvest on our backyards so we can produce our own organic food, and more stuff like that.

I see myself in 10 years as a successful graphic designer, I will be 29 years old. When I was doing my Senior year of High School, about to go to college, my first idea was to get a degree in Business Administration, and I was pretty solid with it. I told myself: Israel, you are going to make money with that career. I enrolled at COCC, started my first term last year, then I started my second term and I realized that Business takes a lot of math.

Since I am a little kid I like drawing and designing different stuff. I also remember liking art classes over the other ones. I have also loved comics since I have memory and I was curious about how the animation works. So, I realize that Business is not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Took me some time to think about changing my degree but talking to some of my friends, one of them ask me a question: Does it make you happy?. I remembered that I had that question stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

After thinking and meditating about it, I talked to my family about my decision. Next day I went to the CAP center on campus and changed my degree. I know I can do this, after all, I took Graphic Design during my Junior and Senior years of High School. Now, I see myself in 10 years designing different stuff, maybe for some of my friends who will have a company and need a logotype.

I see myself having a bog house, being reunited with my family again. If it is true what i said before, my house will have a beautiful garden, it is going to be a modern house but it will also have nature. Plants inside the kitchen, some flowers and bushes along with trees in the garden.

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