If you were to ask me, Nishtah, about where I saw myself in both the near and distant future before about a year or two ago I would probably have panicked and not been able to answer. Now, however, the thought of my personal future and where I plan to be are comforting thoughts rather than daunting ones. I have been able to grow into myself within these past few years. My journey so far has been an unconventional one but then, what is ‘conventional’ to anyone in their 20s? I have a lot plans for my future which I am excited to share.

Personally, in ten years from now, I hope to be abroad. As we all sit here stuck inside due to a pandemic that spread rapidly due to how globally connected our entire world has become, I look forward to benefiting from the positive aspects of this. There is no doubt that as time passes we, as a global community, will only become more connected. There are pros and cons to this of course, as I have already mentioned one of them, but I think it will benefit me in being able to travel easier and hopefully live abroad. I want to do this because I have experienced making those amazing and important connections with those who seem, on the surface, so different from me. The initial photo way in the background of my featured header image is one taken in Merzouga Desert of Morocco where I was fortunate enough to stay for two nights with my gap year group in 2018.

Travel is not my only focus however, and I plan to travel because of my interest in journalism. Some argue that journalism is dying with the rise of technology and social media, but I think those things are making it more prevalent than ever. When technologies evolve the way a society operates, then things like news and journalism have to change and grow with it. I look forward to seeing the medium of which people become informed evolve along with the ever changing technological society. I think we are going to rely more and more on social media spreading information, the 24hr TV news cycle dying out as people spend more time on their phones or computers. We are already seeing the rise in rapid headlines and short articles giving the rise to easily misunderstood news simply for click bait. I hope that this issue does not increase, but I don’t know how realistic that hope is. Social media companies will need to step up and monitor the “official” information that is being published and approved on their sites to be shown to the masses. People will have to teach themselves how to discern a reputable source from an untrustworthy one. This is an issue we have already been dealing with for a while now, however I think it will only get worse as time moves forward. The need for good journalists and reputable news sources will never be thrown out of style though.

In ten years I do hope we as a global society are doing more to help the environment. Hopefully technology will improve the lives of many by finding ways to combat climate change. Who knows, maybe the prevailing influence of worldwide pandemics will make us have to go through self isolation cycles overall improving the environment inadvertently because of our breaks from consuming and emitting harmful waste. I hope to be travel all around the world, doing my part, reporting on how our environment is changing for the better or worse and how we can help improve the situation. Ideally I would be a type of documentarian, if those are even prevalent anymore, who goes around making important and visually inviting works for people to view, enjoy, and learn from.

I am so proud of myself for embracing my growth and learning to not define myself based on other’s ideas of success. I know that whatever challenges the future holds I am capable of overcoming them and thriving in what I love. I will never stop learning, growing, and evolving to fit the time and to fit whatever situation I may find myself in. I am so excited to see where exactly I end up being ten years from now and watching how the world has changed.

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Nishtah Thomas

Nishtah Thomas is a journalist and activist. She is the editor of Unwritten.BLUE

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