Ten years from now I will be turning 28, hopefully by then I’ve figured out what my aspirations are in life and I feel satisfied with the choices that I have made. I hope that my career is either in Game Design or Environmental Sciences. My plan is to own a house by I’m 30 but considering the current and future economic climate who knows if that will happen, but maybe 28 year old me will have figured something out. I plan to do more traveling in my future, visiting Antartica, Egypt and New Zealand are my top three destinations.

I hope that by 10 years from now we will be kinder to the environment. Using alternative and clean energy sources more efficiently. Maybe most single use plastics will be replaced with biodegradable options or reusable options. Then again that’s very optimistic but I believe that the future isn’t just what you make it, but what kind of character and attitude makes it. I think technology will continue to develop and integrate itself into even our most basic appliances more so than they already have. Everything in a home might be controlled by one remote and easily changed from the comfort of your couch. Being able to turn off any given light in your house without having to get up and turn the switch yourself. One of my only hopes is that we don’t end up like those potatoes in Wall-E, which I know is incredibly unrealistic and farfetched but technology is definitely driving modern society towards a normalized sedentary lifestyle. Perhaps the medical field will have advanced to the point of reversing pre-existing conditions such as asthma and arthritis. Hopefully by 2030 the general population will be in better health and make individual health. I think that travel accommodations will stay relatively the same, everyone needs a car, or a plane to travel but even the advancements in modes of transportation will probably show an increase in general travel, the easier it is to move long distances the number of reasons why someone can’t goes down. That said I hope that commercial flights and even commercial trains use a more clean and efficient power source.

10 years from now I believe that the world will have gone back to normal. Unlike many others I in no way believe that the Coronavirus is going to enforce a permanent form of social distancing. The world has gone through several horrific outbreaks and  recovered. We just need to give the world time to recover and for a developed treatment or vaccine to become readily available to the public.

So all in all I don’t have much hope or optimism for society especially in 10 years because that’s really not a long time in the grand scheme of things. But who knows, maybe we’re at a crossroads, one way leading towards great advancement in our society, or the demise of it.

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