Exploring The Present

During the quarantine I have had to find new ways around the house to entertain myself since we are all barred from any kind of social activity. A new interest I have acquired during these times is watching movies. A lot of movies. One of my newfound favorites is “Blade Runner 2049” which I have probably watched around 15 times since the beginning of the pandemic. I find the visuals in this film absolutely stunning, so I decided to create a piece from one of my favorite scenes. I wanted to rework the piece so that it was almost a stencil-like figure that was comprised of minimal, vibrant colors that created the figure when placed upon a black background. To further emphasize this, I added a “liquify” effect to the bottom of the figure to give the illusion of dripping paint. I find that the calm, somber tone of the woman also expresses the emotions of many during these trying times. It doesn’t express trauma or panic, but rather a slow, grinding of the mundane.

Original Still Used

Stencil on White Background

Finished Piece on Black Background

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