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Born 1998, Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Submissions Coordinator Seneca Kness Born 1998, Klamath Falls,  Oregon.



Born 1998, Klamath Falls, Oregon

Seneca Kness is currently attending Central Oregon Community College. Her educational goal is to get a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Oregon State University. Her career goal is to own a business in graphic design. Having her own business is her dream because being able to work from home will give her the comfort of being close to her family. 

Family is one of the most important parts of Seneca’s life. In her free time with her family, she enjoys exploring nature, snowboarding, listening to music, creating artwork, and traveling. When she’s not out and about you can find her in her kitchen cooking up a storm making dishes from all the different places she has traveled. 



Driven to the hospital in a firetruck was the start to a never dull life.



This year was the start of my love for animals. I got my first paint horse and named her Lovely.


Learning to drive

My love for classics cars started when I bought my first car a Jaguar XJ6 1976.


São Paulo, Brazil

I took my first trip to Brazil Christmas. Not knowing any Portuguese at the time it put my charades skills to the test.


Tokyo, Japan

I spent my summer exploring the old and new parts of Japan. I learned very little Japanese due to the fact that I spent more time speechless of how beautiful the country is.


Disaster strikes

High temperature lead me to go to the doctors. Wanting to take extra precautions they tested me for Covid-19. Trust me when I say having a cotton swab go up your nose is quite uncomfortable.


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