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Web Magazine Director

Iqmal Wolfenden

Born 2000, Muar, Malaysia.

Web Magazine Director

Iqmal Wolfenden

Born 2000, Muar, Malaysia

Iqmal Wolfenden is a college student working on his biochem and biophysics bachelor’s degree.

While his school focus is more in the STEM world, he enjoys working on artistic projects in his spare time. Thus, he is taking a graphic design course to learn more about how graphic design is done and what can be done with it.

Iqmal grew up in Bend, OR and has come to enjoy the outdoorsy, active spirit of the area. Growing up he played many sports like football, lacrosse, and tennis. He plays the tuba and the trombone. He dabbles in the DIY fix it world as an excuse to have cool tools.


Bend is home.

Moved to Bend, OR in the summer preceding first grade.



Began his martial arts journey at Sortor Bushido Kai Karate.



Joined Band in middle school and learned how to play the tuba.


Water Polo

Joined the high school water polo team having never played before. Would go on to win the 5A state championship two years in a row as a sophomore and junior.



Began his college education with dual enrollment with Oregon State University – Cascades and Central Oregon Community College.


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Iqmal Wolfenden

Iqmal is the Web Magazine Director. He is currently studying for his biochemistry and biophysics degree.

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